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Healing Session for your pet

"Energy Transfer Reset" Energieheilung for your pet via EMail only

  • 15 Minuten
  • 20 Euro
  • Location 1


Healing Sessions with Sylvia via E-Mail Sylvia will remotly facilitae the quantum healing meditation called "Energy Transfer-Reset". The ETR is the activation of its self-healing processes, which cleanses all energy blockages and low frequencies from the body, the energy field and all timelines from all incarnations. It puts the soul back in a pure state. She will work with a collective of around 250 light beings. These include your pets angels, guides and other intergalactic beings of light. With your permission, we facilitate the removal of density, blockages, and karma, including soul contracts, that can heal sickness. We also cover the possibility of implants that can be removed at the same time with the help of your Spirit team. I now offer the Energy Transfer Reset process to clear soul contracts and restore the "zero point field of your native frequency". You will receive a protocol to facilitate continuous healing and transformation.


  • 017621744324

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